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Accretion (2) Accretion (2)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very solid

Everything sounded great in this recording but if i had one suggestion it would be to establish something as the melody before going into solos, this gives your audience something to remember your song by, and with help give you a better basis for soloing.

This song sounds like it would fit well in super smash brothers melee.

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Bristlestorm responds:

Thanks for the review. Sounds like you're saying that it took too long for the main melody (trumpet solo) to start in? Probably true, but I kind of enjoyed the intro in any case. I'll try to fix this in my next piece.

[Von Ka]Third Street [Von Ka]Third Street

Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty funky

It was pretty funky, enjoyable, and even kind of funny at times, the only thing i did not really like in this song was how muddy the guitar was near the middle.

It felt like it could have used more bottom but most of that was probably your recording equipment( good bottom is hard to find :) ).

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Crush - Funk You Crush - Funk You

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty good

I thought the song had a good foundation, but did not seem to be as tight as it should have been, and seemed to be lacking some bottom. Unfortunately it did not seem to have a melody to give listeners anything to come back to, or any structure to make it really interesting.

The beginning riff reminded me of Primus and near the end i was reminded of Tom Morello, were you influinced by either of these?

With that being said this song seems pretty good, it just needs a bit more production to take it from a jam to a jamming song. And congratulations on putting your stuff out, you have gotten further than most musicians just keep working on improving.

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BiviZ responds:

In start of recording this shouldnt be song. In first im recording main guitar bout 10 minutes. Then im start jamming with that. And i thought:"That's not bad!". Added lolbass(cause all track was recorded with one guitar) and then also some interesting noises.
Also you right! Primus and RATM and Audiosurf my favourite band. Fuck yeah, i say! :D
Thanks for this big, useful review ^^